Essay about Women During World War II

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Women who served in World War II contributed greatly as pilots, nurses, and in the home front. During 1942 the United States had built many planes in the war factories each month for the war. These military planes were needed to be delivered to air bases, but the U.S. was short in supply of pilots. In 1943, there had been a call out to women to do the flying, in place of the men. There were twenty five thousand women applied, but only 1,100 got chosen as Women Airforce Service Pilots - the WASPS. The WASPs proved to the males, had logged more than 60 million miles in more than 12,000 aircrafts, which included B-17s, B-24s, and P-51 Mustangs, that had helped win the war. As Wise said “the women proved they could fly those planes just as well as the men could, "and we were really proud women."” (Bond, Jill.)

World War II changed the world in many different ways. One of these ways involved the medical field, or specifically, nursing, which had women during WWII working closer to battle lines than they did in WWI or any war before. This had allowed them to provide faster care to the wounded. However, the nurses had often worked and served under harsh conditions, also their reality forced them not to only adjust to these conditions, but also to improvise and make emergency decisions on the spot. In some cases their proximity to Warsaw Army Nurses using firearms for protection. Along with working in field hospitals, some nurses underwent additional training to become flight…

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