Women During World War II Essay

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Women in World War II
A woman wearing a red and white polka dotted bandana flexes her bicep with a determined look on her face. Her visage demonstrates the words printed above: “We Can Do It!” Rosie represents the most successful recruitment tool in American history and the most iconic image of working women during World War II. During World War II, the United States government printed up a propaganda poster that is famously known as “Rosie The Riveter.” World War II was the most significant period of change for American women in employment, military service, and style.
Industry saw the greatest increase in the female workforce because fewer men were available for the work that still needed to be done. World War II gave many women the opportunity to work outside the home for the first time. During the war, women did not have the goal to take the place of men in the workforce, but rather to earn a living to be able to support their families. Women were interested mostly in “earning good pay on the home front--which was really an extension of domesticity, rather than a challenge to it” (Milkman 11). Women in the workforce viewed going to work outside the home as another responsibility and it was a responsibility that was welcomed. The goal of a World War II woman was to do whatever she needed to support her family. Within the changing workforce, the women’s lifestyle changed as well. The amount of people in the workforce increased as a whole. Employment for married women rose…

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