Essay On The Role Of Women In World War 1

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Women 's lives back in the 20 's and 40 's had a big difference within the time frame of the wars. They were the maids of the household when the men went off to work or to join the army. Women were prohibited to have jobs when married. Others thought that women were suitable for cleaning and cooking. As the war came women roles started to have a huge impact in World War 1 and World War 2. Before World War 1 started, women 's jobs weren 't a substantial aspect in the community. Women 's didn 't have many job options, they were either servants or cleaners. Married, women had to quit their jobs to become a housewife to help clean and take care of the children and husband. In 1914, the war came and many men left their jobs to join the army, which led to a laboring problem. The industries were devastated by the amount of men employees they were losing ("What was family"). Women were willing to help out factories with the big heavy machinery that were suppose to be a men job. Industries allowed women to come and work, but the men were unenthusiastic about the women 's working alongside of them. The men were …show more content…
Many thought they were not that useful or couldn 't do much besides from cooking and cleaning. As the wars came along they assisted to help out in and outside of the war. Doing so this helps improve the generations of women around the world. They had the same jobs throughout the wars; nursing, farming, working in factories, or in the army. Not knowing, but the women 's helped a great deal in the wars and also had a huge impacted on the lives of the women around the world. The contrast from the women role from the WW1 to modern day is that women has more rights than now than they did back then. Present-day women can become and do anything they want to do as for back in the 20 's they didn 't have many

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