Women During The Victorian Era Essay

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To know about Victorian women, you would have to know first what the Victorian Era was, right? Well, the Victorian Era was the name of the reign by Alexandria Victoria, who was better known as Queen Victoria. During her reign as queen, which took place in the United Kingdom for nearly 64 years, it was a time of many changes and improvements within the U.K. These changes included political, scientific, industrial, military, and especially cultural alterations. This all happened between May of 1876 until January of 1901. But, contrary to popular belief, women had an important role during this period of time in history, at least, in the U.K. (Questia, “Victorian Women”) Women in the Victorian Era, for the most part, were involved with femininity. Femininity was the belief in an act of being the model housewife, mother, and daughter. This meant that women would usually stay home, which was considered a secure, inviolable place for them. This is likely the biggest difference in women between the Victorian Era and current women of now. Prostitution was quite popular on the streets before and during the Victorian Era and had been a major issue. However, this new femininity idea attempted to battle the practice of this non-pure act. It also helped to improve the respectability of women themselves and the views carried by their male counterparts, creating a new, cleaner image. Another change that came with women staying home included the opinion of a home in the city versus the home…

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