Women During The Victorian Era Essay

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Women during the Victorian era had very few career opportunities, seeing as it was the men that were supposed to work. It was the lower and lower middle classes women were expected to work, because that was what everyone in the lower and lower middle classes had to do in order to “live.” It is clear that factory workers during the Victorian era were not treated well, because they were not seen as worthy of having those rights of the upper classes. These factory workers were treated as well as slaves, which is not well at all. Lower class women during this time decided to take matters into their own hands and began to sell themselves to the upper class men in order to avoid working in the factories and still be able to support themselves and their families. While prostitution was seen as dirty, shameful, and not a way to contribute to society, upper class men were still going to these women and therefore providing the woman with enough means to make a living without having to resort to working in a factory. Many of these women were making the choice to become prostitutes, and therefore were more liberated then the factory workers. Prostitutes could use the money that they earned to help themselves live somewhat successful lives. Mrs. Warren from Bernard Shaw’s infamous play Mrs. Warren’s Profession owns her own brothel and by doing so she is able to send her daughter to a boarding school, allowing her daughter to get a better education than she had. The views on prostitution…

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