Servants In Victorian Era Essay

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Servants in the Victorian Era

Servants would wake up early in the morning get what they could for breakfast, then go straight to work doing what the master of the house wanted like as a maid they would clean wash clothes, cook they made the meals butler took care of other servants, and more like that then they would go and work more on whatever the master of the house said till late at night and never get breaks in the day.

How Victorian Servants Worked They worked hard depending on the household and there were many of them. There were 649,485 in the Victorian era, most of the time. There were more women as Victorian servants. There were many different servants for different things. They worked long days too.

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Maids worked from 6 in the morning to 10 at night with very little time off. There was no vacuum cleaner to use on the carpets so they had to clean by damped tea leaves. It was a very hard job for them and they did their job just like normal same routine over and over. Maids had a harder job when the house is bigger.

More About Servants The more servants the higher standing. The status of each servant was a serious matter. Not much difference in the way masters and servants dressed. Many spend years to get from footman or house maid to housekeeper or butler. They built up their states in work by how well they worked or how they acted.

In the end it shows that the servants cooked, took care of the family, help manage other servants, and cleaned. You see now that servants had many things to do, many places they worked at most inside and outside. Servants had to do mostly all the work in the house instead of now the owners of the house did all the work of the house and family. Some servants didn’t just took care of their self or family, which was hard for them most of the time because they didn’t get to take breaks and see what their family was

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