Women During The United States Essay

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Since the beginning of the United States, women have played a pivotal role throughout. Whether it be helping the poor, serving as politicians or working in factories while men were at war, women have always been critical to the development of the world around them, and many times go unrecognized. Of the women that have been acknowledged many have been identified as caregivers, game changers, lovers, and workers willing to sacrifice anything to change the world around them. The determination of these women have shown evident, even in the last two decades. Many careers dominated by men have been significantly affected by the strong and willing women that have pushed themselves into the positions of their male peers. During this progression women have dominated in fields such as the political arena, obtaining 19.4% of the seats in congress, whereas two decades ago half as many women commanded congress.
Of the women that have dominated the political system in the previous twenty years, there have been many that have taken a stand when it was not popular. Of these women includes Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, and Marie Jana (Madeleine) Albright. Each of these women have played an important role in United States politics, each has been a first in their careers. The first in the batch of well-known female role-models, is Sarah Palin, former governor of the great state of Alaska. Palin was born in Idaho, and as a child moved with her parents to Alaska. When Palin grew up, she entered…

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