Women During The Revolutionary War Essay

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Women in America after the Revolutionary War had an incredible impact on how America is known today. The roles of women during this period were very different than the expectations women have today. In the colonies, woman had many jobs. They would be teachers, innkeepers, merchants and printers. Women were expected to have as many kids as possible. Some women had anywhere between five and eight children, many resulting in miscarriages. In other cases, if the baby did survive past birth, a lot of them died as an infant. Single woman and widows were treated very differently. They had many more advantages than married woman in the colonies. Unmarried woman had the right to live anywhere they wanted. As long as they remained unmarried, women could write wills, sue and be sued, act as executors of state, and serve as guardians. All of the single women in the colonies could choose to support themselves in any way they pleased as long as the occupation didn’t require a license or a college degree. The married women in the colonies had fewer rights than single women. They were not allowed to be lawyers or doctors, and they weren’t accepted into universities. They had no property rights and couldn’t vote. Once a woman gets married she loses her individual identity, and from that day forward she would be all around dependant of her husband. A woman could not sign a legally binding contract, bring suit in court, acquire property or income in her own name, or vote. Woman had no…

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