Women During The Great Depression And World War II Essay

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Throughout the United States, women were minorities in Law Enforcement. Women have been in policing for over 150 years and, despite strong resistance by those within the male-dominated field and public opinion, have challenged traditional and stereotypical perceptions of “authentic” police officers. Women have used their talents and abilities in policing to prove their capacity as viable police officers. For example, Alice Stebbin Wells was the first women to be called a policewoman in the Los Angeles Police Department in 1910. Though there has been disagreements as to who was the ‘first’ women officer in the U.S, these women pushed to get opportunities for pursuing a career in law enforcement and their efforts caused inroads in the struggle towards women 's equality. Women have been able to overcome certain obstacles since the Great Depression and World War II till present time in the workplace. They have achieved important positions in law enforcement and contribute greatly in community needs.

The Challenges
During the Great Depression and World WAR II. In 1930, the great depression significantly impacted employment opportunity for women. A married woman with a job was seen as “wrongfully taking a job away from a man who needed it to support his family.” Another major time period that impacted women’s career aspirations was during the World War II. More women were hired to auxiliary work, but those who joined the police force were there to assist new men…

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