Women During The Era Of A Woman Essay

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During this era, the goal women had was to be married and do anything in their power to better the lives of their husbands. Prior to marriage, they would be taught the basic skills of a housewife. However, if the man they married was wealthy, these skills would not be necessary since their maids would take care of these household chores. Generally, women were prohibited from receiving an education or any other knowledge because everything had to revolve around the well-being of their husband. Richard D. Altick mentions that “a woman was inferior to a man in all ways except the unique one that counted most [to a man], her femininity. Her place was in the home, on a veritable pedestal if one could be afforded” (Altick). Clearly, the Victorians did not allow women to have the same rights as men. Thereupon, women were assigned the feminine household obligations and caring for children.
The average Victorian man expected his wife to pursue the stereotypical actions of a woman, and if these qualities were not fulfilled then the men would not see her as fit for marriage. In Charles Petrie’s article, he describes precisely what a Victorian man wanted in a wife which “Innocence was what [they] demanded from the girls of [their] class, and they must not only be innocent but also give the outward impression of being innocent” (Petrie). The expectations men had for women motivated women to ready themselves for marriage the best they could by masking themselves with innocence, which was…

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