Women During The Colonial And Post War Times Of America Essay

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During the development of the United States, a woman’s role was set out for her through marriage, forcing her to follow the life her husband chose to lead for himself and, therefore, his family. The Patriarch system from England transferred over to their society early on, setting women below men. Women are rarely noted for their successes and involvement in main events during the colonial and post-war times of America; yet, women were directly and indirectly essential to the success of the nation. Women helped shape not only gender roles, but the nation’s outcome through their influence over their husbands. Prominent men such as George Washington and John Adams stayed in constant contact with their partners throughout the shaping of America, causing their wives to be deeply involved in many of the men’s decisions on matters ranging from holding offices to political decisions. Martha Washington and Abigail Adams worked as key figures during the development of the United States, influencing not only their husbands but also each other, setting standards for both future leaders and their partners. Martha Washington’s early life, before becoming the country’s first First Lady, helped shape her into the woman history paints her to be. Martha Dandridge was born to John and Frances Dandridge as a “fourth-generation Virginian on her mother’s side”. From her family’s long involvement in New Kent County, they had a good reputation which would guarantee Martha a suitable match when…

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