Essay about Women During The 20th Century

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Over the course of the 20th Century, women in Europe began to enter the workforce in larger numbers than seen in previous years. In earlier years, women were discouraged from pursuing careers outside of raising children due to the male dominated society and the fixed gender roles of the times. However, throughout the 1900s, more women began to enter the workforce in fields such as nurses, teachers, and textile workers. There were many new factors during the 20th century that made it advantageous for women to work. The three important factors that led to the expansion of women 's participation in the paid workforce in Europe over the course of the twentieth century were new technological innovations, the outbreak of the World Wars, and increasing urbanization in Europe. The increase in technological advancements led to more women being able to do common female jobs with less effort and more efficiency. For example, in Britain, the wide spread use of electric typewriters by the 1950s increased the rate and accuracy of typists, mostly women, which led to an increase in typists positions to be filled by more women ("New Technology in the Workplace"). The reason that women were now more responsive to an increase in available job positions is because it took less overall skill and time. In addition, the introduction of the automated telephone to the public also helped make lives easier for the women working as secretaries or assistants. By 1950, most of London was using…

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