Women : Consequences Of Military Sexual Trauma Essay

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Women In Camoflauge: Consequences of Military Sexual Trauma

Women join the military for different reasons. Some join for the simple fact of being able to serve their country, while others join in hopes of building a family that they never had at home. Some join to better their future, and some join because they have the desire to make something of themselves. Regardless of why these women join the military, when they enlist, they are then expected to rely upon their chain of command for support and protection. Many chain of commands do not come through with their obligation to protect these women. Instead, many commands turn their heads and ignore what is going on within their company. Women in the military who report sexual assault sometimes risk their sanity and their military career being changed forever. Years after the assault happens, women are dealing with the consequences and effects of what happened to them. Sexual assault should not be tolerated in the military, and although there are regulations put into place stating that sexual assault is unacceptable, the rate of sexually abused women continues to grow because of unsupportive chain of commands. The policy of the Army states that “sexual harassment is an unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated” (para 3). It also states in the overview that “The prevention of sexual harassment is a commander’s responsibility” (para 1). This regulation is important because it gives clear information on where the…

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