Women As A Male Controlled World Essay

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In the Iliad, women are depicted as items of trade and as markers of rank for the men who control them. The epic poem, predominantly viewed as “a male-controlled world”, concentrates centrally on the rage amongst men but it also happens that the bulk of this rage is influenced, instigated, and stimulated by women. Throughout the text, the men are portrayed to be the most powerful, but in actuality the most crucial characters in the epic are female, and the women are just as powerful as the men, if not more. The women use their physical appearance, experience, and metis to their own advantage, therefore constructing their own unique power. The existence of this power is a result of the actions and resolutions of the women as well as the conceptual, ingenious feminine force without which mortal life or even the poem would not exist. In essence, women, particularly Hera, Aphrodite, and Andromache, play a vital role in the kleos focused social system depicted in the Iliad.
The women have powers of persuasion over their husbands even though it is not perceived by the men. In the epic, Hera, the wife of Zeus, is a resilient, prevailing character. Although Zeus wants the Trojans to win, through her forceful and cunning attitude, Hera tricks Zeus into siding with the Greeks. She tells him: “Even if I begrudged you their destruction, what could I do against your superior strength? Still, it’s not right to cancel all my hard work.” (4, 66-67). The phrase “against your superior…

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