Women And Women 's Movement Essay

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Not that long ago the women’s movement made progress and women got the right to vote. There was a person named Faludi, who worked for times magazine. Faludi believed that women were privilege to have come so far over the years (Levin, 2000). Faludi thought that women were unhappy with the progress that was made and had a lack of appreciation for their progress because they are continually striving for “feminism and equality” (Levin, 2000, p. 83). Faludi believed women not being grateful for their strides in the women’s movement left them unhappy and miserable. The hostile responses women received as they continue to reach for equality proposed that there was an “undeclared war against American women” (Levin, 2000, p. 83).
Faludi like many other people who believe that women are lucky for making strides in equality contribute to part of the problem with sexism and sexist statements. Sexism is defined by Levin, 2000 as “hatred of women is a complex of negative beliefs and attitudes” (Levin, 2000, p. 84). The problem with sexism is that is focuses on the differences between men and women and leaves everyone under the impressions that these differences are natural and permanent. Single parents and women workers are two areas of in social policy that gender inequality demonstrates itself. The gender gap hurts all women but not all in the same way due to sexism and heterosexism. Homophobia and sexism affect the economy because it suppresses people who can help build and…

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