Essay about Womanism 's Birth Out Of The Need For Intersectionality

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Womanism 's Birth out of the Need for Intersectionality What does one do when one 's identity is forced to be divided, or blatantly ignored? From early on in American History, American Black women have never been included with women, but never included with Black people. After being marginalized in movements that were dedicated to only parts of their identities, a new, intersectional movement was created, womanism or black feminism. Black Feminism and Womanism were created out of the need for intersectionality, and the constant marginalization within the Black liberation movement and Women’s Liberation. African American women always fit in differently in American society from their black male and white woman counterparts. These differences are seen firsthand during the period of slavery within the United States. They are regarded as separate and complete opposites of white women, the author states, "White society believed black women to be innately lustful beings because the ideal white woman was pure” (Hallam 2). Black women during the times of slavery were clearly oppressed and dominated by white people, but there was not the same amount within black slave homes because of how black men were often sent away. The author highlights this difference and explains, “A master 's control over both spouses reduced the black male 's potential for dominance over his wife”(Hallam 2). This is one of Black women not having the same struggles of being a woman as while Black women…

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