Treva B. Lindsey's Approach To Black Violability?

American politics have played a major role in what laws get passed as seen in Treva B. Lindsey "Post-Ferguson: A "Herstorical" Approach To Black Violability", where she discusses the need for women’s voice to be heard, even within politics. She writes “The demand for recognition of the humanity of all Black people requires activists, allies, and the broader US public to critically consider the impact of state violence on individual Black people, Black families, and Black communities”. All of the US, including those with the majority of the power such as political officials, should be considerate to those that are a minority, such as black women, in order for the minority to have a functioning, normal life. After recognizing how impactful it …show more content…
Beginning in 1868, black and white women went to the polls all over the country and got arrested” (Lepore). This is one of the first forms of activism by women, and the first where both white and black women had worked together for a common goal. However, the New Departure had not worked out, but it was still significant for what it had started amongst women in America during the late 1800’s. It is also significant to know in terms of black feminism considering how it could be seen how much the black women was ignored when the black male was given the right to be citizen and not them, despite having gone under the same circumstances during the time period. In all, politics plays a major role in what changes for the American society as a whole and separately for specific groups, such as black women and the type of justice that they receive.
The reason why it’s so important for black feminism to be more promoted within the black-led movements of today goes back decades, even centuries when slavery was at its highest peak. In Angelina
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Even so it has produced large amounts of coverage in terms of literature written and headlines being made over time. The documented struggles of those that have overcome racism and sexism increased intersectional views on feminism and civil rights for black women today. The voices that made themselves known and the black activists that had taken charge of the situation at hand started this change in America to the point where people can start to look at black women with their own problems that are neither independent nor alike the problems of their counterparts. They could focus in on issues specific to them, as well as how to issues extend to the people around them. This is why black feminism is so important for the black women of today, because it gives them a chance to be who they are without conforming to the ideals of others. It gives them their own set of ideals to live by, a unique voice that speaks from their viewpoint, regardless of sexual identity, ableness, or even class. In order to resolve such an issue where black feminism has lost it’s popularity over the years, bigger movements should start to take action by doing more in the name of black feminism and promoting its ideals so that it can reach out to people beyond what it has not been able to reach

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