Woman As Storyteller In Wide Sargasso Sea Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Roper, however, dove much deeper. She makes a compelling case that “the society, and her husband, acting on their assumptions, created conditions which aggravated the existing ones and contributed to her disorientation,” (Roper 30). The genetic predisposition for insanity was there, but it was the environment around Antoinette that pushed her over the edge. Antoinette struggled not only for love and acceptance, but also for psychological independence and her own voice. The more she struggles to claim these, the deeper she drifted into abyss.

Roper’s most significant argument, for me, is the purpose of Antoinette as storyteller and the role of Rhys. She writes,

“behind Antoinette’s dramatic re-experiencing is Rhys the producer and director, the puppeteer who manipulates her puppet to tell the tragic story of a woman who was aware of complexity but was unable to realize her real feminine personality” (Roper 33).

While there were similarities between the lives of Rhys and the character she created, Roper’s argument made me consider the more universal story Rhys was telling. Through Antoinette, Rhys challenges the impact of patriarchy on women. It reveals far more than simply rule by men; it illuminates the internal struggle to find

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