Wole Soyinka 's An African Man Essay

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Another man that describes the European attitude is Wole Soyinka an African man. Soyinka was born towards the end of Imperialism in Nigeria by Great Britain. He describes the attitudes of Europeans toward Africans. Soyinka grew up under Imperialism with the influence of European cultures, such as; religion and education. Soyinka wanted to inform how Imperialism affected Africans. In an interview he states, “I listened to lots of conversations between my father and his intellectual circle, in the direction of the colonial powers, the world was involved, the arrogance of the European nations towards darker skinned races” (Soyinka). This source shows how Europeans felt superior to the people of ‘darker skinned races’ because they were of a higher status, even after Africans had gotten their independence. Africans were under the rule of Europeans who believed themselves superior to Africans. Africans were often referred to as the inferior race by Europeans. The culture of Africans was diminished as the Europeans began colonizing Africa. Soyinka an African that lived towards the end of Imperialism in Africa, states in an interview “in terms of what’s around we lived such a mixed indigenous lives with Christian infusion and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world, it’s a meeting of various cultures” (Soyinka Interview). He grew up with a mixed culture with the influence of Christianity. Christianity was the main European religion and as the European colonized they…

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