The Wizard Of Oz: The Perfect Family Film

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Even though The Wizard of Oz made its debut in 1939, critics today almost unanimously agree that it deserves its title of being one of the most influential films ever released. Audiences spanning across generations have celebrated its success for nearly eighty years, and Dorothy’s story continues to teach children valuable lessons regarding family and loyalty. Despite this long-lasting impact, The Wizard of Oz did not immediately gain fame upon release; in fact, only when it made its first appearance on television did it become iconic. When it was released in 1939, the film generated an insignificant revenue, hardly enough to cover the budget. Nonetheless, critics reviewed the movies mostly favorably, The Wizard of Oz won two Oscars for its …show more content…
It incorporates fantasy and adventure elements, all tied together by no fewer than ten songs. These songs intend to impart despair while Dorothy is in Kansas—“Over the Rainbow” essentially states that there is somewhere better, but it is unobtainable. However, once Dorothy leaves to Oz, these songs, including “Ding, Dong! The Witch is Dead,” and “We’re Off to See the Wizard,” provide hope. Throughout the film, filmmakers consistently integrate hope within the piece, making The Wizard of Oz a great movie for young children to watch. In the beginning of the movie, the audience is immediately introduced to the characters, finding that many of the actors in Kansas also play a character in Oz. Notably, Bert Lahr portrayed both Zeke and the Cowardly Lion, and when Zeke was in Kansas, his friends often joked that he had no courage. Such themes are present between all the characters: Miss Gulch aimed to take Toto away like the Wicked Witch of the West did; Professor Marvel gave Dorothy faith in her family again, much like what the Wizard did, and Hunk found witty solutions to problems like the

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