Windows 10 Case Study

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10. Once an application which is playing audio is minimized, then it might stop playing this audio all over sudden.
11. Downloading of music in the Music Preview app and the Xbox Music are broken. Microsoft is expected to solve this problem.
12. While in Project Spartan and you are selecting some text in the address box, no selection highlight will appear. However, you are allowed to right click inside the text box for copying, selecting or pasting. The problem is expected to be solved soon.
13. After putting the magnifier in the docked mode, then it will not work. This problem is also expected to be solved.
14. Sometimes, the “Start Menu” fails to launch since it is not registered well.

Chapter 8- New opportunities for productivity
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After the official release of Windows into the market by Microsoft, the operating system didn’t receive a much positive reception by the users. Microsoft then embarked on how they can solve the problems associated with this operating system. For instance, most people had complained of issues to do with the user interface and a few had also complained about some functionalities. Instead of releasing Windows 9, Microsoft released Windows 10. However, this version of Windows has not been finally released to the market as it is currently under a technical preview. The aim of first releasing it to the users is for them to raise issues which they identify with it so that the Microsoft’s development team can solve these issues. This means that even if you observe a weakness with it at this moment, it can be improved. You only need to provide some feedback to the Microsoft community via the feedback app which they have provided within the operating system. If you do not know how to use this, then consult from this book as it has been

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