Wind Energy Essay

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Wind Energy 1

Wind Energy

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Wind Energy 2 Outline 1. Introduction 2. Advantages 3. Disadvantages 4. Conclusion

Wind Energy 3 Introduction In light of concern owing to depletion of fossil based fuels it is emerging that wind energy is receiving considerable thought as a solution to the looming energy crisis. The Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Renewable Energy (ACRE) was established in July 1996 with a goal of undertaking research on issues of power generation, storage and conditioning, energy efficiency, system integration and policy analysis (Smith 2008). The goal of the Australian government to attain a
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In addition to that

Wind Energy 4 the construction of wind turbines on farms and ranches can provide additional income to farmers in rural areas. Disadvantages The main disadvantage of wind power is that it requires higher initial investment when compared with fossil fuel based alternatives (Wagner & Mathur 2009). This continues to be the case despite the major cost reductions that have taken place in wind power production in recent years. Another disadvantage of wind power is the intermittent behavior of wind. This suggests electricity production cannot be effectively controlled to meet demands (Wagner & Mathur 2009). This problem is further complicated by the fact that wind power cannot be easily stored for later use. Another problem with this wind power lies in the fact that good wind production sites may be in remote areas. This causes extra costs due to the need to construct a distribution grid. In addition to that, wind power generation has to compete with activities that may be more highly valued than generation of electricity (Wagner & Mathur 2009). Conclusion It has been observed that among the major environmental agendas currently being experienced is the need to identify suitable alternative energy to reduce global reliance on non renewable energy. In light of this wind energy has been identified as a suitable solution owing to its widespread availability. However, wind energy poses some challenges to solving this problem given the

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