Essay on William Wordsworth 's A Wish

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Romanticism is understood as the time period where art, literature, and music transformed into an influential movement. Authors such as Lord Byron, John Keats, and William Wordsworth are seen as the faces of the period and throughout the course, were primarily the focal within this period. Bargained as a late Romantic and early Victorian, Matthew Arnold still had qualities of Romanticism as he expressed his self and his feelings within his dee dark prose. These authors not only exemplified what it meant to be romantic authors, but also were romantics in their own ideals, thoughts, and feelings. This intellectual and artistic movement evoked passion into this vibrant literary movement. The subtleness of nature along with experience was the way in this period that strong aesthetic emotion was shown. Due to a tight semester we aren’t full able to go over every author in this pivotal period. Matthew Arnold’s A Wish, is a poem from the Romantic period that I believe should be covered in class. Though not of such acclaimed fame such as other Romantics, Matthew Arnold accounted for a simpler state of being, as he expressed his feelings and values through his work. As his poetry has melancholy tones and he speaks on situations such as “death”, Arnold is in a league of his own when it comes to Romanticism. Though it is understood Matthew Arnold’s writing are placed within the Victorian era because of his beliefs and tones, Arnold still shared and expressed his true feelings, which…

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