Essay on William Stafford 's Poem Traveling Through The Dark

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When one door closes another door opens, or if you 're a part of my family it might be a window. It was a hot summer day when Nick and I locked ourselves out of the house. It would be several hours before our mother would be returning from work, and we didn 't dare call our dad and tell him that we locked ourselves out. That left us with two choices, sit outside and wait or find an alternative way in. Being a hot summer day we opted for the second option. So we pried the screen off the window and shimmied our way in through the window. While it may not have been our wisest choice, it seemed like a good one at that time. While some reader would believe that choices are just choice, choice always have consequences. William Stafford 's poem "Traveling Through the Dark" appears to address the choices people make and the implications these choices have. Stafford eludes to the idea that the choices people make do not always have a positive outcome, even though they are made with the best intentions. He does this through the poem 's diction, the individual lines of the poem, and the title.
Word choice is very important in everyday conversation and it is just as important in poems. Stafford uses repetition and carefully picked words to present the theme of choices and the implications they have to the reader. The first word that stood out was "swerving" (Line 14, 17). While it denotes changing direction abruptly, it connotes danger, to make a mistake, indecisiveness, faltering and…

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