William Shakespeare 's The Elizabethan Era Essays

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During the Renaissance (1300-1700), theater played a large roll. Theater and playmaking is traced back to the Greeks and Romans, and when they would perform plays about mythical tales. Now, after the Romans Empire collapsed in England there was virtually no kind of theater or playmaking. When the middle ages came around, the church used theatrical performances as a way to communicate the Bible to people who were not versed in reading or writing. After that, the plays started developing more. By the time of the Tudor era, more specifically the Elizabethan era, plays had become a full on industry. Plays were no longer about passages from the bible or put on by the Church. People started to go to plays for entertainment, and not just for lessons from God. Location and construction of stages and theaters started to become more elaborate and permanent. People absolutely loved the theater, and there were massive amounts of money made from it. The theater became one of the largest industries during Elizabethan times. The largest city in England, London, became the hub for great theater production. In London during the Elizabethan era, play performances started in the Inn-yards. An Inn-yard is a courtyard inside of a private Inn. Actors would set up temporary stages and entry fees are collected for admittance. Because of the temporary stages, props are difficult to use along with sets and costumes are expensive, the actors would wear their everyday clothing. All this is done to…

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