William Shakespeare 's Taming Of The Shrew Essay

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An event, choice, and a mistake can mold a person into someone who is new and improved or it can change a person for the worse. William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew is a play written inside a play, which takes place in Padua, Italy during the Renaissance. Baptista is the father of the older, shrewish Katherine Minola and the younger, obedient Bianca Minola. A rich man, Lucentio, arrives in the great city of Padua and falls in love with Bianca. Before winning Bianca 's heart a devil of a man must marry the older sister Katherine. Petruchio, a wealthy bachelor takes the challenge of marrying and taming the shrewish woman, Katherine. Katherine is defined as a shrew because she is a bad-tempered, aggressive, unpleasant, devil-like, and argumentative woman, fulfilling the true definition of a shrew. Characters Petruchio and Bianca can; also, fulfill the definition of a shrew through their own actions. Shakespeare’s title of the play not only leaves questions of who the true shrew is, but what is a shrew. In the play Petruchio, Katherine, and Bianca can either become people of obedience, who are well mannered, or they can change to a person whom is shrewish and deceptive, but in the end the character Bianca becomes the true deceptive shrew. Even though the term shrew often describes a woman, a man may; also, can be described as a shrew. Petruchio the wealthy bachelor looking to marry into money, soon finds himself offered dowry to marry the shrewish woman Katherine.…

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