William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 20 Essays

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Many writers, such as Sir Thomas Wyatt and William Shakespeare, wrote sonnets as a vehicle to discuss their object of desire. Wyatt wrote traditional sonnets, that is, he expressed love toward a woman through the verses, meanwhile, Shakespeare, composed sonnets to convey love toward a male friend. In other words, Shakespeare was one of the first writers to change the traditional object of desire (as in women) to anything one truly desires. Sonnet 20 (of Shakespeare) depicts love as a being an affectionate feeling as the speaker engages in intimate praise with his desire, meanwhile, sonnet 10 (of Wyatt), portrays love as being a conquering force since the victim feels a state of defeat to his object. Although both writers addressed love differently in their poems, they also used different writing techniques to shift the content with the tone by using each volta, caesura, and enjambment to create an extended metaphor; however, because traditional sonnets are addressed to women and Shakespeare’s sonnet is written for a man, sonnet 20 attempted and failed to mimic the traditional love structure as seen in sonnet 10. As sonnet 20 begins with, A woman’s face with Nature’s own hand painted/ Hast thou, the master-mistress of my passion; (Shakespeare, 1-2), the reader can easily identify the speaker’s admiration of his object in the first stanza and recognize the speaker’s suffering in the second stanza. However, when we look closer and in between lines of both stanzas, we can…

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