Sonnet To Science Poem Analysis

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Science has continuously shaped and reshaped society from generation to generation providing humanity with answers and sparking revolutionary changes among society, however, what are the costs of all these changes? In the poem “Sonnet - To Science” by Edgar Allen Poe, the idea of science is put on trial and the effects that it has made on society is analyzed and questioned by Poe. The poem itself hints towards a new industrial revolution with Poe’s description of a progression in science, which leads Poe to questioning science itself and the effects of its continued growth. Poe’s use of poetic device within his poem such as using dramatic words, personifying science, and alluding to mythology, suggests that his attitude towards these new ways …show more content…
True daughter of Old Time thou art” (line 1). The obvious theme of the poem is about science, and Poe begins his piece with the word “science” followed by an exclamation mark. Why an exclamation mark? The exclamation mark essentially sets the tone of the poem to be rather loud and questioning. Throughout the entirety of the poem, Poe is talking directly to science in a sort of protesting way by asking it rhetorical questions implying that science is more destructive rather that constructive. After the shout to science, Poe then refers to science as the “true daughter of Old Time”. The term “Old Time” is referring to the past, probably a time before the enlightenment period when this poem was written. When Poe refers to science as a “true daughter of Old Time” he is implying that science is the product of progressive thinking since the olden days. Poe is a man built on tradition and from his writing he appears to be afraid of the changes that science is creating in society and misses the “Old …show more content…
Poe writes: “Who wouldst not leave him in his wandering / to seek for treasure in the jeweled skies, / albeit he soared with an undaunted wing.” (lines 6-8). The bird that the poet is personified as is not specifically named but Poe implies this idea by explaining that as a poet he strives to soar and wander through the skies exploring, however the science vulture is deterring his adventures. The wandering that Poe describes is his own imagination; as a poet, he wants to let his mind loose and run free with imagination. Science prevents this wandering because science presents facts that can counter and disapprove Poe’s ideas. For example, in line 7 when Poe seeks treasure in the “jeweled skies”; science would correct Poe in calling the stars “jewels”. However, Poe does not seem to show any concern for what is right and what is wrong. He is interested in his own affairs, his own work, and his own imagination. Those are the things he enjoys and has dedicated his life to, and science is destroying

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