William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 12 Essay

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Literary imagery is the descriptive language used to add depth and complexity to a poem. It appeals to the human senses to deepen the understanding of the work, and if imagery is powerful enough it can engage all the senses pro lenses, which are the physical senses; visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile. Imagery represents objects, actions and ideas that appeal to the physical senses of a human and can give internal meaning to a poem. Shakespeare uses naturistic imagery in Sonnet 12 through allusion in reference, alliteration through sound and comparison through metaphors to enhance the theme, the passage of nature, time, youth and procreation. An allusion is a reference to a place, person, idea or something that happened. Shakespeare uses allusion in Sonnet 12 to produce an image of death and fear. In line three of Sonnet 12, “violet past prime” can be thought of through the story of Adonis and Venus. When Adonis melted into the earth, a violet had sprouted where his body was. Venus took that violet and placed it into her heart to signify the love she has for Adonis. Adonis, being a handsome youthful gentleman, is alluded through death of youth in Sonnet 12. Line four of Shakespeare’s sonnet alludes fear and juxtaposes line three. “Sable curls all silvered o’er with white” insinuates that the man being talked about in the poem is turning old, going from sable hair, or black, to gray hair (l.4). This can put fear in the man that he is turning old without…

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