Essay about William Shakespeare 's Most Influential Artists Of All Time

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William Shakespeare is known to be one of the most influential artists of all time. His work ranged from plays to sonnets, and all the people loved them all. He wrote about topics consisting of love and passion, which appealed to everyone, whether they are wealthy or among the lower classmen. Shakespeare had a talent for writing these sonnets and plays, and the people found them very amusing. He always knew how to keep a crowd interested and entertained.
Shakespeare 's father was a glove-maker and a highly respected individual, taking place in many public offices. Hs father 's name was John Shakespeare. It is known that John had purchased a house in 1552, adding an additional home to his property, owning up to 3 homes, 2 in Henley Street and one on Greenhill street. Since John had owned these homes, it is not known exactly where his mother, Mary Shakespeare had given birth. Unexpectedly, he went through financial instability during the time when Shakespeare was 13 years old, and had lost his value. His financial outcome was spiralled into a mess, and was fined multiple times for not attending church or paying taxes.
Shakespeare 's mother, Mary was not very active, similar to most women of his era. Similar to John, she could not read or write either. She did have many children, but most of which did not reach to the age of 50.
William had 7 known siblings. Joan was the first child, born in 1558 and died two months later. His other sister, Margaret was born in 1562, and…

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