William Shakespeare 's Modern English Language Essay

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Shakespeare It is difficult for people today to picture the image of Shakespeare, or imagine how people revelled in front of Shakespeare’s stage. Though limited materials were left to satisfy people’s curiosities of his personal life, a great amount of his literature works were survived to be appreciated and evaluated. It is undoubted that Shakespeare was one of the most important people in England; because he elevated the social developments in England during the monarchs of Queen Elizabeth I and James I by flourishing early modern English languages, popularizing plays and theaters, as well as producing incomparable literature works.
Early Modern Language
As an outstanding linguist, Shakespeare improved the way people communicated by boosting the evolution of early modern English language; while contributed to social developments. According to a research of the Oxford English Dictionary, Shakespeare introduced nearly three thousands new words into the English language. As culled from his works, the amount of Shakespeare’s vocabulary was above 17,000 words (Shakespeare Resource Centre). While Victorian word expert, F Max Muller, suggested that 15,000 words were used in Shakespeare’s plays; he invented a portion of these words by “merging existing words and anglicising vocabulary from foreign languages” (Anderson). Moreover, a great deal of popular phrases used today came from Shakespeare’s pieces. Examples are easy to be found; “in a pickle” from The Tempest, “the…

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