William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar Essay

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The Oxford dictionary defines loyalty as “A strong feeling of support or allegiance”. Loyalty is an important quality that can seriously impact one’s decisions. It is very present and plays a big role in the plot of Julius Caesar. It is Brutus’ and Antony 's differing senses of loyalty that drive their actions and words concerning Caesar in William Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar. The character’s loyalties decide how they act towards Caesar before his death. These loyalties also cause actions related to and around the time of Caesar’s death. Finally, the senses of loyalty that Brutus and Antony pocess cause what happens after Caesar’s death. These senses of loyalty are a crucial part of the plot that get the conflict arising early on. Brutus’ and Antony 's different senses of loyalty cause their actions and words leading up to Caesar’s death. Firstly, these loyalties determine their actions towards Caesar when he returns from killing Pompey. Antony’s strong loyalty makes him assist Caesar. Before the race Caesar tells Antony, “Forget not, in your speed, Antonius,/ To touch Calphurnia” (1.2.6-7) and Antony agrees. This demonstrates Antony’s loyalty to Caesar and how he acts helpfully towards him. Brutus on the other hand did the opposite towards Caesar after his return to Rome. At this point, he is loyal to Rome so he opposes Caesar and plans to harm him. When Cassius is first trying to sway Brutus into joining the conspiracy, Brutus says, “If it be aught toward the general…

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