Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a tragedy which illustrates his command of the English language, and resonates to this day as a well-known play. Utilizing allusion and intertwining metaphor and simile perfectly, to create a captivating performance in Act III Scene II of Hamlet, Shakespeare’s rhetoric creates suspense. These literary devices allow this particular scene to shine as a part of the play, and allow for the development of questioning. In the scene, Horatio and Hamlet conversing demonstrates an instance where Hamlet is attempting to gain more knowledge about the situation he finds himself in. Separating itself from other works of Shakespeare, Hamlet does not turn violent until the very end of the play because of his doubting nature. Due to his indecisiveness, reinforced by this passage, Hamlet concocts a plan to determine the guilt of King Claudius in his father’s murder, as he is worried about the ghost’s ability to be truthful, or indeed real altogether. Through his questioning ways, Hamlet’s crusade to find the truth is magnified considerably by Shakespeare’s literary tactics. Perhaps the most prominent, Shakespeare’s use of allusion in Hamlet to lets the reader experience the play in a different light, as it adds richness and clarity to the text. Referencing instances which have previously occurred in the story, Hamlet is able to let Horatio know that he trusts him, and that he wants him to be part of the plan he has conceived. An instance of allusion in the…

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