William R. Forstchen 's One Second After Essay

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In the novel, “One Second After”, written by William R. Forstchen, America was hit with an Electromagnetic Pulse called EMP. America died on that day. Thousands of people died in the U.S after only one day. Any person that were on a ventilator died instantly, food was beginning to rot, there wasn’t any transportation, and many more other problems. One Second After was about John, the main character, struggling to cope, help out and deal with what happened to America. He was a retired U.S colonel, he used the skills that he learned. He was able to help Black Mountain last as long as possible. He learned how to put his feelings aside and do what he has to do. He had to put his own beliefs away to make sure Black Mountain last.
To begin with, Black Mountain was in the search for justice whenever someone got killed or from someone stealing. The town were outraged when two thieves decided to raid the nursing home for medicine. The town would have forgiven them if they stole it for people who were sick. However, the thieves use the medicine as drugs. When the police caught the two thieves, they were under the influence and had marks from the morphine. No one felt sympathy for them, the town was under martial law. But the police had to give the thieves a fair trial, so they appointed John to do it. John didn’t want to kill anyone, he never killed anyone in his life. However, he knew that he had to put his beliefs aside and finished the job. The town wanted justice for the medicine…

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