William Nozick 's The Experience Machine Essay

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Philip K. Dick, a well-known author with many scholarly related awards, once said, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn 't go away.” When reflecting on philosophical questions and their reality that one asks on a daily basis, one must start by finding the origin of the questions through several readings. These readings involved both, Descartes’ Meditation and Other Metaphysical Writings and Robert Nozick’s The Experience Machine. With close analysis, these two works of literature helped aid the answer to, “Why are questions of “ultimate meaning” important?” Using specific arguments from these sources, the answer to this fundamental question has been answered in the text on several occasions. Questions of “ultimate meaning” are important because they assist the conclusion of desires, thoughts, and confusion. The focal point of both pieces of literature is the question, “what is really real?” which has answers waiting upon discovery. Really real is those concepts or material that can be touched, experienced, and carried out in a life. To begin, in Descartes’ Meditation and Other Metaphysical Writings, Sixth Meditation followed the philosophical question by providing several conclusions. To begin, the realness of something was described using material things, “…I already know that they are at least capable of existing insofar as they are they object of pure mathematics, because I perceive them clearly and distinctly…and I never thought that there was…

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