William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies Essay

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“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”-Anti Gun Control Slogan. That quote may seem familiar, but the important part of that quote is the “people kill people” part which shows what humans should be scared of most, is themselves. The terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and “Lord of the Flies” by Golding both illustrate the evil and savagery that exist in human society. However, the aftermath of the Paris attacks caused another of Golding’s messages in “Lord of the Flies” to rise up in present day society. The aftermath of the Paris attacks has caused paranoia and thus has caused civilization to lose it’s basic foundation. Inner evil exists in all society, but the worst thing that can happen to let that evil control a civilization.
On November 12th, President Barack Obama had declared the radical muslim terrorist group known as ISIS to be “contained”. Mr. Obama was proven to be naive as November 13th showed him what Golding has known for years, that evil can’t be contained. On November 13, 2015 a tragic event occurred in Paris, France. There were multiple terrorist attacks throughout the day that ended killing 130 people and hundred more were wounded. Attacks occurred through 6 locations across the city. Soon after the attacks occurred, radical islamic group, ISIS, has claimed to be responsible for the attacks. Also soon after, France sends fighter jets to bomb a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa. On November 18th, French authorities raid an apartment building in the…

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