Theme Of Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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More than six millions Jews were brutally executed in Nazi Germany, but before Hitler had gotten control of Germany, he used the fear of communism to gain power and control. That fear would help forge a world of violence and savagery that will never be forgotten. Similarly, Lord of the Flies is a book in which Jack, uses the other boys’ fear of a beast to turn their society into disorder and cruelty. In Lord of The Flies, William Golding uses Jack and the symbol of the Beast to convey how fear ultimately brings the downfall of moral civilizations, and spawns violence and savagery as a method of combating the fear.
The symbol of the beast arose from the mind of a littun only seen that day on the island. The boy suggests that a snake-like creature is roaming around, Ralph immediately denies the idea, but Jack insists that
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But, the day after Simon’s murder, Piggy and Ralph keep brooding over their horrendous act of violence. Piggy tries to convince Ralph of their innocence by telling him, “There was lightning and thunder and rain. We was scared!” (156). Piggy brings up the idea that they killed Simon because they were scared, so his death wasn’t their fault. Piggy and Ralph were afraid, so the violent sides of them took control, and they became savages instead of being themselves. When Ralph and Piggy argue with Jack about Simon’s death, Piggy end up dead and Sam and Eric were captured. When Ralph comes across Sam and Eric later in the forest, he begs them to help him fight Jack, but they refuse, telling Ralph of their terrors: “’Won’t you come with me? Three of us – we’d stand a chance’… ‘You don’t know Roger. He’s a terror’ ‘and the chief- they’re both-‘’-terrors’” (189). Sam and Eric are against Jack’s ideals of savagery and violence, but they are too intimated by the idea of opposing Jack, that they choose to abandon the idea of civilization, for their new

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