Essay on William Carey

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“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”, this is the famous line of William Carey. Out of the numerous missionaries both alive and dead, I chose William Carey for his great submission and loyalty to God. Though married thrice and had me raised my eyebrows when he got married just 6 months after his first wife’s death, his contribution to God’s works in India and being the “Father of Modern Missions” still impressed me and encouraged me to write about him. He was born near Northampton, England in1761 from a poor family. He started shoemaking at the age of 16 as an apprentice until he was 28. He was converted at a young age and shortly afterwards became an active member of a group of Baptist Dissenters.
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But even they felt that his idea was too new, and could not be done. Until the Baptist Ministers’ Association at Nottingham, Carey preached a sermon on Isaiah 54: 2-3 and uttered his now famous line. The following day the ministers organized a new mission board known as Baptist Missionary Society. Carey’s associates were, like him, living in poverty. Carey faced many difficulties, these including the opposition of his father and the reluctance of his wife. He left for India and stayed there for about 40 years with his family and his 2 companions family too, Joshua Marshman and William Ward being known as the Seramphore Trio. One of Carey’s greatest contributions was his translation of the Bible into Indian languages. He had devoted his time on evangelism and unto God’s works only. He had built a college there named Seramphore College so that he could train local church planters and evangelists. Carey made it a practice not to try and change the Indian culture except for widow burning and killing of infants. His goal was to build an indigenous church by means of native preachers and by providing the scriptures in the native tongue. He has been a great help in India, especially to the heathens that they have known all about God. They had known the truth out of William Carey’s strong faith on missions. I adore him so much to have that courage in his heart that he surpassed every difficulty he met along the journey. God must have

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