Essay about Willa Cather 's The Artist

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Willa Cather was a person that recognized that the concept of the artist and the role the artist plays in society to be complex. In her various works, Cather explores the identity of the artist. She provides readers with a variety of characters that show her different visions of what an artist can be, and the different paths they travel to pursue fulfillment in life, as all people do.. She uses these individuals to show readers her opinion on what it takes to be an artist and how that mantle can affect one’s life for better or worse. Cather found that being a truly good artist did not simply rely on innate talent, but rather a variety of characteristics. Because she found the artist to be such a complex notion, she approached dissecting the concept by splitting her many interpretations across her many works, as opposed to simply making her “perfect” vision of an artist all in one go. Willa Cather found the artist to be an admirable member of society that would often have to self-sacrifice in order to achieve his or her purpose. It was this sense of purpose and greater calling that would drive an individual to pursue creating something truly new and unique to them and them alone. Cather believed wholeheartedly that it takes much more to be an artist than pure, innate talent. She found that it required dedication, sacrifice, and effort to truly fulfill one’s potential. Over the span of her works, Cather wrote certain explored certain characters and themes that would coincide…

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