Essay about Wilfred Owen 's ' It Is Sweet And Glorious )

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¨Dulce Et Decorum Est¨(It Is Sweet and Glorious) by Wilfred Owen is a poem to describe his (WIlfred Owen’s) traumatizing experience in World War 1. WIlfred Owen was a young poet at the time when he enlisted into the war to fight for England. Most of his works are based on his experience, and his disappointment of what the war was about.The poem was created on October 17th, 1917 during the first world war. In the poem, he describes many death-seeing experiences and many tragic events involving poison gas. He will explicate all the terrifying incidents through his words creating a vivid image of what truly happened. In this poem ¨Dulce Et Decorum Est¨ by Wilfred Owen, the idea that dying for your country isn’t as glorious as it seems is developed through the use of imagery, irony, and descriptive, tragic diction.
During the time World War 1 had taken place, many gruesome events happened as a result of the dispute between countries. Therefore, leading to a deadly war throughout countries. Many extreme, tragic deaths were caused by this war and in the poem, Wilfred Owen will create a lifelike image through the use of imagery. For example this quote will explain the conditions of the soldiers: ¨ Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, knock kneed , coughing like hags… Men marched asleep ...Drunk with fatigue...¨ In the quote, it mentions how the soldiers were bent down making them appear as beggars, well during the war they had to hover in order to avoid being shot.…

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