Wife Deviance: Cultural Deviance And Cultural Practices

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world to be in the church. A boat in water is good, that is what boats are for. However, water inside the boat causes it to sink.”
Even though God proclaimed death on Adam and Eve after they sinned in the Garden of Eden, many African people believe that death cannot happen without a specific cause. Death was a consequence of sin (Gen 3:19), yet every time a person dies many say the death was ‘caused.’ They believe that death is a result of cultural deviance.
Many believe there are causes and circumstances surrounding every death. It is surprising that even Adventists hold such beliefs. The circumstances involved include sickness, disease, old age, accident, lightning, drowning, animal attack, and many others. But African people believe
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Non-compliance is viewed as deviance, which people believe is a taboo. Wife inheritance is a cultural practice that has bound Zambian people for generations. The Lenje people have refused to do away with this repugnant practice.
Wife inheritance among the Lenje may appear similar to levirate marriage in the Old Testament, but wife inheritance is different from the levirate marriage. The reason behind wife inheritance besides being a lose marriage, is a ritual cleansing that involve sexual intercourse that must be performed in the house of the deceased man. Wife inheritance brings an additional wife to the dead man’s brother and in recent times the practice is blamed for the spread of AIDS in the community.
The Jewish levirate marriage was put in place to ensure a widow could raise a child so that the name of a deceased person would not be blotted out of Israel (Gen 38:8; Deut 25:5-10). The purpose of the levirate marriage was to continue a name and care for the widow. It may be argued that wife inheritance also involves an aspect to care for the widow and to continue a name. However, in the levirate marriage there is no ritual sexual
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God’s people are in the world, but they must not be of the world. In the Old Testament the Israelites were commanded by God to be different from the Canaanites. The Lord commanded them not to practice death rituals which were against their faith in God. As the people continued to settle in Canaan, they adopted some practices of the Canaanites which God had condemned. Just as the Lord warned the Israelites not to indulge in the evil practices of the Canaanites so Christians in Mtendere Main Church should not indulge in the evil ways of culture. When Adventists of Mtendere Church continue in the old traditional practices they degenerate spiritually and weaken the propagation of the

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