Why You Should Spend For Your Passion Essay

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Finally, spring has arrived! The days are getting longer, which means there is more sunlight streaming through your windows, illuminating all of the dust and grime that has infiltrated your house over the past four months. Of course your first instinct may be to roll up your sleeves, grab 18 rolls of paper towels, some Windex, and have at it.
Here’s the thing, chances are your house isn’t the only thing that could use a little spring cleaning. We often focus on making sure our cabinets and closets and decks and BBQ grills are spotless and in perfect working order, yet we give little thought to making sure WE are spotless and in perfect working order.
While I am not suggesting human beings can obtain perfection or should even attempt it, I am saying that we should spend as much, IF NOT MORE time each spring, cleaning out the cobwebs and grime from our hearts, minds and souls.
Here are some ways to do that.
Dig around for your passion
While you’re digging around your closets and laundry room, spend some time mentally looking for those old passions you once had. It’s tragic, really, that as we get older we abandon our hobbies and talents in pursuit of career advancement and/or attending to chores and obligations.
We need joy and passion at every age, so think of those things you used to love to do. Did you play the clarinet? Take dance lessons? Play basketball? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try standup? Commit to feeding your passions on a weekly basis and see if you don’t…

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