Why You Are Desperate For A Woman Essay

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10 Signs You Are Desperate For A Woman
Wanting a woman who fits your desires if fine. We all want someone to be by our side, support us, love us, have sex with, etc. But, there is a difference between wanting a woman to love and needing a woman to love.

When you want, you have the desire to find that perfect woman. You know a relationship would probably make you happy and be fulfilling, so you want that in your life.

But when you need, you require that you find that perfect woman because it is essential to your life in some way. You feel it will make you happy, stop you from feeling lonely, or fill up a missing piece of your life, and that can lead to desperation.

Like the need for food, shelter, and water, your need for a woman in your life can cause you to do stupid and dangerous things in order to get her - and because a woman is not something that is under your control - like food, shelter, or water, your desperation will likely do more harm than good for you.

How Desperation Attracts More Desperation

Being desperate is obvious and even if a woman is interested in you, she is not going to fall head over heels for a guy that is intense, in her face, too pushy, and - honestly, a little bit scary! In other words, you are going to scare off women if you are desperate and create the exact result that you DON 'T want to happen, which will make you feel more lonely, unhappy, or unfulfilled, and cause you to become more desperate.

OR, you will find some mean bitch who uses…

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