Why Women Fail At Weight Loss Essay

1051 Words Jul 4th, 2015 null Page

Hi there! So a week has passed since I launched my blog and I 've been thinking of the real reasons why most women are unable to be successful in weight loss. What we seem to skip is mentally preparing ourselves to make the healthy lifestyle changes. Weight loss does not happen overnight and you have to be prepared not to give up.

I came across a post by Mary Anderson on MMA Gospel and she shared 10 reasons why Most Women Fail At Weight Loss and I can attest to most of them being the reasons why I haven 't successfully lost weight and/or kept it off in the past.

1. Women Fail To Define Their Goals or They Set Goals That Are Unachievable

Okay, as I address last week it is important to have clearly defined goals and action plans to be successful with your weight loss efforts and this can apply to anything else in your life. If you have not defined your fitness goals clearly and you only plan to “shed several pounds”, then the chances are that you will fail at doing so because you will lose your ambition and determination on the way. It is a lot easier to reach your goal when you have a clearly defined plan, such as losing 10 pounds in one month.

And if goals are set, they tend to be too high level and they need to be broken down into manageable pieces. If you plan is to become fit and healthy you need to have two types of goals, short-term and long-term.The short-term goals are easy to achieve and they will boost your ambition, thus preparing you(not only…

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