Milton Friedman Legalize Drugs Summary

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*My paper is going to be about drugs and I’m going to have a different take on what Milton Friedman thought about drugs. Friedman said that we should legalize drugs in the united states. I think that we should drugs illegal.

Drugs have been in the united states and have been illegal for quite some time. The only exception has been alcohol and prescription drugs. Should drugs be legalized or stay illegal? Drugs should be illegal due to what it can cause. Drugs can cause people to hurt themselves, it increases public spending on health, addiction, and high prices of drugs means that less people will do it.

The first reason to keep drugs illegal is because people may harm themselves. If people are harming themselves then why should we legalize it? It doesn’t make sense to do this. We want as a country for everyone to be healthy and live long lives. If we were to
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This study shows that marijuana is a gateway drug that can lead people to do harder drugs. By making marijuana illegal again it will have less people doing other drugs. People need to know that marijuana is not good. Even though marijuana can relieve pain, we don’t need it. This is why we have over the counter drugs such as Advil that can relieve pain.

My prediction is that if we keep drugs illegal then we will have less deaths. We will have less deaths in a sense that people won’t do drugs as much. People will fear doing drugs if they know that they can end up in jail or die. I also think that from an economic standpoint we will make money by capturing drug lords. We can confiscate the drugs and get the money and this can be used for the country. In conclusion, we should keep drugs illegal. We have laws in our country that we must follow and that is to not do drugs. There are many consequences in doing drugs and that may be death or even jail. By not having drugs legal then we can still grow and prosper as a

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