Why We Should Be Fighting For Unity Essay

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In the face of conflict, it is human nature to react in anger, but the reaction of a Christian, who knows God’s words react with patience, love, kindness, forgiveness, prayer and knowledge. The problem with today’s society is that we spend our time and efforts in conflict with different races, cultures, and lifestyle choices. We are constantly fighting for equality, to where as we should be fighting for unity. Instead, we should be spending our efforts reaching out in love and respect, reaching out to those we are in conflict with. Our actions speak louder than words and sometimes causes us to look like hypocrites. We should not react to conflict without seeking God’s provision and guidance. (Matthew 5:38-48, Proverbs 15:1 NKJV) In Romans chapter 10 verse 3, Paul asserts how men, who do not believe in God, look to their own goodness and establish their lives based on their own works. In pride, fallen man wants to set up his own righteousness as good enough, but it falls short of God’s righteousness. In James 4:1, we are asked to look at the source of the conflict. Are we righteous enough to judge others for their opinions? How can we see other’s flaws when we have bigger flaws? (Matthew 7:3) We must judge ourselves and our motives. (4:1-3). Our self-righteousness deteriorates God’s word and his will in our lives, our credibility and how others perceive us as Christians, and lessens the value of others we encounter and associate with and turning them away.…

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