Essay on Why We Get Fat And What You Do About It By Gary Taubes

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In the book “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It,” published in 2010, the author, Gary Taubes, discusses the observations of Hilda Bruch, a German physician, who arrived in New York City during the depression in 1934 to be astonished by the abundance of obese children especially since the only food one could get was standing in the bread line or at the soup kitchen. So why were children getting fat in a time when food was scarce but outside activity was abundant? Did environmental factors play a roll in child obesity? Or was it something else? Today environmental factors and food production has an immense impact on child obesity. Children who are obese are at risk to medical, social and psychological issues however the reversal of poor nutrition and lack of inactivity would resolve these issues. Environmental factors and food corporations have negatively manipulated children into consuming fast foods, snacks and soft drinks. They are the targets of junk food trends that seduce them with cartoon and social role models promoting these temptations and increasing obesity (Wieting 546). Child obesity plays an instrumental part in illnesses such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and other problems (Hess and Markee). These illnesses and other problems can follow one into adulthood influencing the standard of life and increasing the risk of death. Similar to cancer patients, obese children can have psychological issues such as low…

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