Why Voyeurism Is Justified Within The Routine Activities Theory

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An alternative theoretical explanation of why voyeurism occurs is the voyeur attempts to reduce their fear of castration which is produced by the view of adult’s genitals. For the most part, male offenders know the pain of being hit in the genitals. With the constant thought of the pain streaming through their mind offenders relive the pain every day. This torment creates a fear of castration and the only way to deal with the fear is viewing other adult’s genitals. Knowing that others can use their genitals efficiently comforts the voyeurist’s mind (Comer).
Voyeurism is justified within the routine activities theory. The routine activities theory provides a simple and powerful insight into the source of voyeurism. Voyeurism is a persistent act, which continues over the years. Routine activities as defined by Cohen and Felson are “recurrent and prevalent activities that provide for basic population and individual need… formalized work, as well as the provision of standard food, shelter, sexual outlet, leisure, social interaction, learning, and childbearing” (Akers, Ronald L). When the voyeur finds an attractive target, he or she is attempting to find a sexual outlet. To have the crime occur, a motivated offender must come to the same location of an attractive target. The attractive target in this situation is usually a person of either sex. The target has to be vulnerable in a sense of exposing themselves. If an attractive target is never in the same place as the motivate…

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