Essay on Why U.s. Companies Invest

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Why Should U.S. Companies Invest in Lean Manufacturing? In today’s global market there is an increased need for companies to be able to compete with one another more proficiently. United States manufacturing companies have learned the hard way that it is difficult to compete with manufacturing firms from other countries. Overseas manufacturing firms have traditionally lacked the capital to compete with their United States counterparts in terms of scale, but have nonetheless been capable of thinking outside of the box to excel in manufacturing. Over the last several decades, the increased competition and loss of market share has driven many United States manufacturing firms to reassess their traditional manufacturing practices and conform to the new standards that have been successful for their overseas counterparts. This report seeks to identify the need for United States manufacturing firms need to reevaluate their manufacturing model and incorporate lean thinking into their company’s culture. In order to understand the need for United States manufacturing companies to adapt to foreign lean practices it is necessary to briefly speak of the historical manufacturing process and the rise of lean manufacturing. Lean Production for Competitive Advantage does a fantastic job of summarizing one of the most popular books written on the subject of lean manufacturing, The Machine that Changed the World. In his summarization of The Machine that Changed the World, John…

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