Why to Become a Chartered Accountants Essay

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Early or late, everyone has to start his vocational life. Its an important event of life because then after an entirely new world starts – THE WORLD OF WORK. Many courses are available for simple and common vocations which do not require any special skill. Anyone can do them. But …………. TO BE DIFFERENT IS TO BE RENOWNED……… So if one really wants to do something challenging and diversified, then Chartered Accountancy is the most dignified profession.


It was an old image that accountant are boring and old fashioned, they crunch numbers and work in compliance and tax. But the profession of CA has replaced and upgraded this old image and has created something which has
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But this profession gives exposure to almost all the fields like finance, consultancy, taxation, accountancy, advisory, policy-making, law, information technology and many more. ✓ A CA is assured of a fixed remuneration. He can also go for teaching in coaching classes and can earn handsomely. ✓ A little earning by learning (i.e. articleship) gives a sense of ownership.

AN INTERESTING VIEW: ✓ One can picture himself as sitting in a plush office as a major official of a company. ✓ One can also feel becoming a partner or start a firm independently someday. ✓ One is rest assured of easy and quick marriage after becoming a CA because he/she does not have to go for in search of life partner as calls for him/her come automatically. ✓ Last but not the least, after becoming a member of ICAI, not only one can feel the pride of association with the institute but also can enjoy the every weekend lunch and dinner parties at the respective regional offices.

SOME FACTS: ✓ Chartered accountancy course offers the student a dream career in the specialized areas of accounting, auditing, corporate finance, corporate laws and taxation. ✓ CAs are highly demanded professionals in industry, in the practice of income-tax, service-tax and other indirect tax areas. ✓ They are statutorily recognized audit practitioners. ✓ They are technically equipped to act as management consultants. ✓ They also excel in the areas such as development of advanced IT systems for the

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